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Gecko House is a St. John vacation rental located on the private and secluded south shore of the island. The house is perched on the side of a hill, high enough to provide a lovely view of Fish Bay and the expansive Caribbean ocean beyond. Trade winds provide for a comfortable nearly constant breeze.

Your memories of Gecko House will be of the special moments you experienced there throughout the day. Your mornings will be filled with sunlight, since the house faces east and southeast. The late afternoon, around sunset, is an especially lovely time to enjoy a cocktail on the deck as the sun sets behind the cottage, giving you an amazing view of evening light and spectacular and colorful cloud formations. You’ll watch the fish jump in the bay below, a hawk make lazy circles in the sky and heron feed by the mangroves as dusk settles in.

In the evenings, the private deck is perfect for watching the moon rise above the bay, and the brilliant Milky Way in the dark night sky. And day and night, the cottage’s new hot tub offers a perfect way to relax and “soak” in the lush, tropical surroundings – and nighttime stargazing from this vantage point is as perfect as you’ll find anywhere on the island.

The home is eco-friendly. The house is equipped with solar power, and overhead fans provide a constant breeze keeping the house cool. Air conditioning in each of the bedrooms ensures a restful night’s sleep. The tropical gardens surrounding the house are treated with organic products.

While staying at Gecko House, you’ll have the feeling of living inside and outside at the same time, bringing you closer to the natural beauty that surrounds the house. There are no goats, donkeys, roosters, or other wild animals allowed in Fish Bay, making for a very peaceful sleeping environment.

Tropical Gardens:
The intoxicating perfume of flowering jasmine and gardenia around Gecko House will delight your senses. The garden above is planted with bougainvillea, hibiscus and aloe vera. Outside the kitchen, the garden overflows with fresh rosemary, mint, basil, hot peppers and more, all for your use.

Just a few steps below the house, is a tropical garden filled with fruit trees. Follow the trail lined with pumpkin vines to find avocado, mango, pomegranate, banana, key lime, bay rum, and papaya trees. Interspersed among the fruit trees are exotic flowers such as birds of paradise. The garden is for your enjoyment, and you’re welcome to pick the fruit that bloom and ripen (limes, soursop, papaya and others), and to pick hibiscus flowers for tea and birds of paradise for the table.

The garden is also filled with tiny geckos, the lizard like creatures that eat bugs and is the mascot for Gecko House.

This is what Gecko house offers that is unique and unforgettable!

Walkway around house   papaya
Walkway outside Kitchen - potted herbs & plants
Right: View of Papaya Tree from Deck

Gecko House walkway to garden   Hot tub at Gecko House
Left: Looking to walkway from Gardens
Right: Hot Tub, view from Cottage

Bananas at Gecko House   Banana Tree
Left: Banana Tree, view from House
Right: Banana Tree in House gardens

Key Limes   Caribbean Pumpkin
Left: Key Limes
Right: Caribbean Pumpkin blossoming